Past Conferences - 2012 Program

Preliminary Program Thirtieth Annual 
Gulf South History & Humanities Conference

“Exploring History & Culture Along The Gulf South:  From Prehistoric Times To The 21st Century”
Pensacola Beach, Florida:  October 18-20, 2012

Hilton Pensacola Beach Gulf Front Hotel



          Board of Directors Meeting

2:30pm-3:45pm:  Program One

          Session 1

Panel Title:  Gulf South Research:  Resources, Techniques, and Results
Location:  TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  Charles Dranguet, Southeastern Louisiana University

  • Robert B. Kane, United States Air Force, “Untapped Resources on the History of the Gulf South:  Documents and Official Histories of Air Force Bases in the Gulf States.”
  • Scott Merriman, Troy University, “In Solving Some Problems, Do We Create Others?  Reflections on a Team Taught History and Science Class.”
  • Thomas Jeffers, University of West Florida, “Allometric Analysis of Prehistoric Shell Middens in the Escambia River Estuary.”

Session 2

Panel Title:  The Plight of Free People of Color Along the Gulf Coast
Location:  TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  Matthew Pursell, University of West Florida

  • Michael Kelly Beauchamp, Texas A & M University at Qatar,“Collaboration and Its Constraints:  Free People of Color and Federal Officials in the Territory of Orleans.”
  • Elizabeth M. Talbot, University of Southern Mississippi, “Domestic Disasters:  Domestic Abuse Among Louisiana Freedpeople.”
  • Thomas W. Hulse, Florida State University, “The Forced Exile of the Creole Colored Community from Antebellum Pensacola, Florida.”

5:00pm-6:00pm:  Reception


8:30am-9:45am: Program One

            Session 3 

Panel Title: Preserving the Past to Chart Our Future: The Importance of Archives and Historical Agencies in Understanding the Gulf South

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR: James B. McSwain, Tuskegee University

  • Dana Ray Chandler, Tuskegee University, “The Built Environment:  Preserving Historical Structures Through Photographic Media.”
  • Robin Reshard, Pensacola, FL, “Using Archives to Document a Vanishing Community.”
  • Robert Overton, West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc., “Does Pensacola’s Past Have a Future in Gulf South History?  Preserving the Built Environment and the Historian’s Imagination.”

Session 4 

Panel Title: Patterns of Faith in the Gulf South

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Martin Olliff, Troy University, Dothan

  • Jeffery C. Swarner, Southeastern Louisiana University, “The Beginnings of a Perfect Union:  The Mutual Dependency of Baptists and Plain Folk in the Antebellum South.”
  • Allen Adams, Troy University, “The Intersection of Secular and Sacred:  A Case Study on Functions of Frog Dip, Geneva County, Alabama.”

COMMENTATOR: Sarah Hyde, River Parishes Community College

Session 5 

Panel Title: Slavery and the Slave Trade in the Gulf South and the Caribbean Basin

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Randy Sanders, Southeastern Louisiana University

  • Marjorie E. Rhine, University of Wisconsin -- Whitewater, “Caribbean Bodies in the Scottish Colonial Economy:  How Robertson’s Novel Joseph Knight Reconsiders Transatlantic History.”
  • Timothy F. Reilly, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, “Isaac Franklin’s Early Years in the Domestic Slave Trade:  A Case for Matching Identities.”
  • John Beeler, University of Alabama, “Britain, Spain, the United States, and the Cuban Slave Trade During the American Civil War.”

COMMENTATOR:  Douglas B. Chambers, University of Southern Mississippi


10:00am-11:15am: Program 2

Session 6 

Panel Title: The Gulf Coast in the War of 1812 Era

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Joe Knetsch, Tallahassee-based historian

  • James G. Cusick, University of Florida, “Scorched Earth:  The Impact of the War of 1812 Along the U.S., Canada and Gulf South Borders.”
  • Samuel Watson, United States Military Academy, “Army Operations Against Domestic Non-State Actors:  Law Enforcement and the Extension of U. S. Sovereignty Along the Gulf Littoral, 1810-1830.”

COMMENTATOR:  Michael Thomason, University of South Alabama


Session 7 

Panel Title: Archaeology and History at Arcadia, Florida’s Premier Antebellum Industrial Park

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Brian R. Rucker, Pensacola State College

  • Rylan N. Thomas, University of West Florida, “Paths to Arcadia:  The Purchase and Movement of Slaves to an Early 19th Century Water-Powered Industrial Complex.”
  • Roy Oberto, West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc./University of West Florida, “Timber, Troops and Tragedy:  The Civil War in Santa Rosa County.”
  • Lindsey Cochran, University of West Florida, “High-Tech Archaeology at the Arcadia Mill Simpson Lot.”
  • Adrianne B. Sams, West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc./University of West Florida, “Spatial Analysis of Domestic Artifacts at Arcadia Mill.”

COMMENTS: The Audience


Session 8   

Panel Title: Maritime History of the Gulf South, Part One

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Jeffrey Owens, Tyler Junior College

  • Christopher T. Dewey, University of West Florida, “A Tale of Two Shipwrecks:  The Confederate Schooner William H. Judah and the U.S. Steamer Convoy.”
  • Deanne S. Nuwer, University of Southern Mississippi, “Ebenezer Clark:  A Gulf Coast Shipbuilder Extraordinaire.”
  • Robert Rutledge, University of West Florida, “The Cement Ships of Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach.”

COMMENTATOR:  Amy Mitchell-Cook, University of West Florida


11:30am-12:45pm: Program 3


Session 9 

Panel Title: The Civil War’s Impact in Florida
Location: TBA

CHAIR: William S. Belko, University of West Florida

  • Judy Connolly, University of North Florida, “Fort Jefferson:  At the Tip of Florida’s Civil War Experience.”
  • Edward H. Wiser, Naval War College, “The Bayport Raids and Their Enduring Legacy.”
  • Eric P. Totten, University of Central Florida, “‘I Wonder How Many of the Augustinians of the Olden Time Will Ever Come Back:’ Union Occupation, Refugees, and Demographic Change in St. Augustine’s Community, 1862-1865.”

COMMENTATOR:  Robert B. Kane, United States Air Force


Session 10

Panel Title: Exploring Louisiana’s Heritage

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Victoria Mocsary, Southeastern Louisiana University

  • Samuel C. Hyde, Southeastern Louisiana University, “Burning Bowling Green Plantation, 1863:  Civil War Incident, Reflection of Continuity/Discontinuity in Louisiana’s Florida Parishes.”
  • Sarah Vining, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, “Murder, Mayhem, and the Mentally Insane:  Violent Patients and Inadequate Administration at Central Louisiana State Hospital.”
  • Karen Williams, Louisiana State University, “Louisiana Literature and Carnival.”

COMMENTS: The Audience


Session 11

Panel Title: Gulf South Topics I: The Civil War in the Gulf South

Location: TBA

CHAIR: Debra A. Ryals, Pensacola State College

  • Brian R. Rucker, Pensacola State College, “Unionists in West Florida”
  • Penny L. Clark, Lamar University, “War and Passion:  The Civil War Diaries of Novaline James Baldwin.”

COMMENTS: The Audience




2:00pm-3:15pm: Program 4


Session 12

Panel Title: Healing, Oral and Written Narratives, and American Indian Women’s Voices

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  Jeanne Gillespie, University of Southern Mississippi

  • Jeanne Gillespie, University of Southern Mississippi, “Cacica Maria Menendez’s Words with the Spanish Crown – Letters from the Timucua Chief to the King from St. Augustine, FL, 1598 and 1601.”
  • Tammy Greer, Center of American Indian Research and Studies,“Houma Women’s Words:  Oral Narratives of Rosalie Courteau and the Houma Connections to Their Land.”
  • Norma Steve Hickman, Ashley Hickman Billy, and Sonja Monk, Mississippi Band of Choctaws, “A Tribute to Rosalie Wilson Steve:  Choctaw Healers and Elders as Women of Action.”


Session 1

Panel Title: Reaching the Public: A Discussion of Programs for Sharing Florida’s History

Location: TBA

MODERATOR:  James G. Cusick, University of Florida

PANELISTS:            Dean DeBolt, University of West Florida

Benjamin D. Brotemarkle, Florida Historical Society

Connie Lester, University of Central Florida

James G. Cusick, University of Florida 


Session 14

Panel Title: Gulf South Topics II: Presidential Visits and Naval Stores

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Randall Broxton, Pensacola State College

  • Ryan P. Semmes, Mississippi State University, “The World Tour Continues:  Ulysses S. Grant Visits the Gulf Coast.”
  • Joseph S. Meyer, Cultural Resources Management, Eglin Air Force Base,“There’s More in the Cup Than Just Dip:  The Turpentine Industry.”

COMMENTS: The Audience



3:30pm-4:45pm: Program 5


Session 15 

Panel Title: Social Change and Resistance in the Gulf South

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Carol Ellis, University of South Alabama

  • Keith M. Finley, Southeastern Louisiana University, “From Secession to Massive Resistance:  Southern Responses to ‘Outside Agitators.’”
  • Harvey H. Jackson, Jacksonville State University, “The Rise and Decline of the ‘Redneck Riviera.’”

COMMENTATOR:  Matt Casey, University of Southern Mississippi


Session 16

Panel Title: Culture and Memory in Regions of the Gulf South

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Deanne S. Nuwer, University of Southern Mississippi

  • Victoria Mocsary, Southeastern Louisiana University, “Hungarian Settlement, Louisiana, 1896-2012: A Synthesis.”
  • Darlene Mosley, Pensacola State College, “Life on the Farm in Escambia County, Florida, 1920-1940:  A Mother’s Memories; A Family’s Legacy.”
  • Wesley Meiss, University of West Florida, “The Prohibition of Santa Rosa County:  A 98 Year Drought.”

COMMENTS: The Audience


Session 17

Panel Title:  Maritime History of the Gulf South, Part Two

Location: TBA

CHAIR: Alan J. Bliss, University of North Florida

  • Amy Mitchell-Cook, University of West Florida, “Maritime Heritage of Pensacola’s Waterfront:  Stevedores in the Late 19th Century.”
  • Robert Rutledge, University of West Florida, “The Ray Hardware Collection:  A Study of Pensacola’s Maritime History as Seen Through the Commercial Lithography of a Local Merchant.”
  • Derek S. Zumbro, University of West Florida, “The Submarine War in the Gulf of Mexico.”

COMMENTATOR:  Della Scott-Ireton, Florida Public Archaeology Network          




6:00pm-7:00 pm: Cash Bar

7:00pm-8:30 pm: Dinner


GUEST SPEAKER:  Robert Bradley, Chief Curator at the Alabama Department of Archives and History, “The Road to Civil War.”




8:30am-9:45am:  Program One


Session 18

Panel Title: Exploring Florida’s Past

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Brian R. Rucker, Pensacola State College

  • Patsy West, Director, Seminole/Miccosukee Archive, “From Abiaki to Sam Jones:  A Pivotal, Yet Unknown Culture Hero.”
  • David P. McCally, Bethune-Cookman University, “Pragmatic Crackers:  Florida Cattlemen and Their Lives.”
  • Nathan Woolsey, Milton, FL, “Thomas W. Jones:  The Life and Times of a Small-Town Florida Merchant of the Progressive Era.”

COMMENTS: The Audience


Session 19

Panel Title: How Is The Weather? It’s Impact on the Gulf South

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Gene Kirkpatrick, Tyler Junior College

  • Sherry Johnson, Florida International University, “Climate Cycles as Agents of Historical Processes Along the Southern Frontier, 1738-1739.”
  • Alexandra McKenna, Lamar University, “Destruction and Wind:  The Story of Galveston’s 1900 Storm.”

COMMENTATOR:  Louis M. Kyriakoudes, University of Southern Mississippi    


10:00am-11:15am: Program Two


Session 20

Panel Title: Stetson Kennedy: A Southern Vox Populi (Voice of the People)

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  Sandra Parks, Stetson Kennedy Foundation

  • Alan Harris Stein, Consortium of Oral History Educators, “Stetson Kennedy’s Legacy as Oral Historian in the Federal Writers Project.”
  • Jon Bosworth, independent journalist, “Kennedy as an Active Journalist:  His Reportage and Participation in Civil Rights Demonstrations Across the South.”
  • Sandra Parks, Stetson Kennedy Foundation, “Kennedy’s Publications and Their Significance in Preserving Mid-20th Century Southern Culture and History.”  

Session 21

Panel Title: Exploring Pensacola’s Past

Location: TBA

CHAIR:   Randall Broxton, Pensacola State College

  • Michael C. Cullen, University of West Florida, “Forgotten Streams of Pensacola.”
  • Brenda Rees, Shaping Florida, “T. T. Wentworth, Jr. Museum 55thAnniversary.”

COMMENTS: The Audience


11:30am-12:45pm: Program Three


Session 22  

Panel Title: The Impact of Women and Native Americans on Gulf South Colleges

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Bob Glennon, Fairhope (AL) Museum of History

  • Edward McCormack, University of Southern Mississippi, “Gulf Park College for Women (GPCW) in Perspective:  An Overview.”
  • Gary G. DeSantis, Florida State University, “FSU and the Seminole Tribe of Florida:  Iconography, Agency, and Identity.”

COMMENTATOR:  Anne Ulentin, Louisiana State University


Session 23

Panel Title: The Southern Frontier

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Lawrence A. Clayton, University of Alabama

  • Frederick M. Beatty, Troy University, “The Frontier Trader in the Colonial and Revolutionary South:  Not What He Appears.”
  • James H. O’Donnell, Marietta College, “From Deputy Surveyor of West Florida to Surveyor General of the United States:  The Arc of Rufus Putnam’s Career.”
  • Kevin T. Harrell, University of Mississippi, “The Terrain of Factionalism:  Creek Neutrality in Transition.”

COMMENTS: The Audience

To submit proposals please contact Dr. Brian Rucker at, or for more information, please contact Dr. Randall Broxton at, or: Gulf South Historical Association, c/o The Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies, Southeastern Louisiana University, SLU Box 10730, Hammond, LA 70402.