Past Conferences - 2013 Program


Preliminary Program Thirty-First Annual 
Gulf South History & Humanities Conference


 “500 Years After Ponce de Leon: The Gulf South in Change 1513-2013”

Pensacola, Florida:  October 10-12, 2013





          Board of Directors Meeting


2:30pm-3:45pm:  Program One


          Session 1


Panel Title: Filibusters, Privateers, and American Foreign Relations in the Gulf Borderlands, 1795-1820
Location:  TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  Brian Rucker, Pensacola State College

·         David Head, Spring Hill College, “The Rise and Fall of a Patriot Port: Galveston and the Geopolitics of Privateering and Filibustering in the Gulf of Mexico.”


·         Samuel Watson, United States Military Academy, “Military Surveillance and Internal Security in the Borderlands of the Early Republic: Army Officers and Filibusters along the Lower Mississippi, 1795-1798.”


·         Mike Thomin, Florida Public Archeology Network, “An Oath to God and Cross: A Case of Piracy in Pensacola.”

Session 2


Panel Title:  The Political Morality of Jimmy Carter
Location:  TBA

CHAIR:  Marsha Hamilton, University of South Alabama

·         Randy Sanders, Southeastern Louisiana University, “The Sad Duty of Politics.”


·         Scott Caro, Southeastern Louisiana University, “Attempting to Chart a Moral Course: Examining Jimmy Carter’s Emphasis on Public Morality through the Lens of the ‘Crisis of Confidence’ Speech.”


COMMENTS:  The Audience


5:00pm-6:30pm:  Reception




8:30am-9:45am: Program One


            Session 3 


Panel Title: Louisiana During World War II (Film)

Location: TBA

CHAIR: William Robison, Southeastern Louisiana University

Discussion: Jerry Sanson, Louisiana State University—Alexandria

Comments: The Audience


Session 4 


Panel Title: The Demography of Runaway Slaves in the Gulf South (1800-1860)

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Douglas Chambers, University of Southern Mississippi

·         John Mangipano, University of Southern Mississippi, “The Social Geography of Escape: Runaway Slaves from Louisiana in Mississippi.”


·        Lynn A. Cowles, University of Southern Mississippi, “Absconded: Enslaved Women, Escape, and Mississippi Runaway Slave Advertisements.”


·        Shane Hand, University of Southern Mississippi, “Passing through Shades of Color: Mixed-Race Runaways in Mississippi.”


·         Kevin Grubbs, University of Southern Mississippi, “Pathways of Escape: The Interstate Slave Trade and Runaway Slaves in Mississippi.”

COMMENTATOR: Joshua D. Rothman, University of Alabama


10:00am-11:15am: Program Two


Session 5 


Panel Title: The Complexities of Louisiana Politics in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR: William S. Belko, University of West Florida

·         James MacDonald, Northwestern State University, “The World had Never Witnessed so Glorious, so Wonderful a Celebration.”


·         Charles J. Pellegrin, Northwestern State University, “The Decline of a Family and the Rise of a Far Right Activist: Phoebe Greene Courtney and the Role of Status.”


·         Samuel C. Hyde, Jr., Southeastern Louisiana University, “Dark and Bloody Business: Politics and Feuding in Louisiana’s Florida Parishes, 1880-1910.”


Session 6 


Panel Title: Women in the Gulf South: Advocacy, War, and Prostitution

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Marie Thérèse Champagne, University of West Florida

·         Debbie Hicks, Independent Scholar, “Feminist Advocacy in Coastal Alabama: 1970-1985.”


·         Alexandra McKenna, Lamar University, “Women of the Civil War: Prostitutes, Wives, and Female Spies.”


·         Jacqueline Rodgers, University of West Florida, “Lost Virtue: Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Pensacola’s Red Light District.”


COMMENTATOR: Pamela Tyler, University of Southern Mississippi 


11:30am-12:45pm: Program Three


Session 7 


Panel Title: New Orleans as a Gateway to Latin America

Location: TBA

CHAIR: Al Dranguet, Southeastern Louisiana University

·         Adriana Chira, University of Michigan, “Whiteness as Property: New Orleans Afro-Creole Intellectuals and the Political Imagination of a Revolutionary Caribbean, 1840-1890.”


·         Josh Goodman, Tulane University, “‘An Enlightened Selfishness’: New Orleans’ Pan American Business Strategy and U.S.-Latin American Relations after World War II.


·         Eric Vaccarella, University of Montevallo, “A Baroque Poet on the Florida Frontier: The Verse of Fray Damian de Vegas in Fray Francisco de Pareja’s Confessionario en lengua castellana y timuquana (1613).”

COMMENTATOR:  Matthew Casey, University of Southern Mississippi



Session 8  


Panel Title: Sex, Spies, and Local Color: Women’s Culture in the Gulf South, 1860-1920

Location: TBA

CHAIR: Susan Morgan, Pensacola State College

·         Jennifer Ladner, University of Southern Mississippi, “Sex and Women in the Gulf South: Miscegenation and Jim Crow in Louisiana and Mississippi, 1865-1920.”


·         Stacie Watts, University of Southern Mississippi, “Breaking Sphere along the Gulf Coast:  ‘Seccesh Ladies’ Aid Societies and Espionage during the Civil War.”


·         Colleen Smith, University of Southern Mississippi, “History through Literature: Race, Gender, and Local Color of Women Writers in Louisiana.”

COMMENTATOR: Sarah Hyde, River Parishes Community College




1:00pm-2:15pm: Program Four


Session 9 


Panel Title: Barrier Islands, Bonds, and Medical Research in Mississippi and Alabama   
Location: TBA

CHAIR: Victoria Mocsary, Southeastern Louisiana University

·         Deanne Nuwer, University of Southern Mississippi, Katrina Research Center, and Eric Wyble, Gulf Coast Aesthetic Center, “Cat Island: A Historical Perspective and Environmental Overview.”  (Discussion-based).  

·         Tim Bryant, Auburn University, “Negro Patriotism in Action: War Bond Sales in Macon County, Alabama During WWII.”

·         Dana Chandler, Tuskegee University, “The Ubiquitous HeLa Cell: Tuskegee University’s Involvement in the Cure for Polio.”

COMMENTS: The Audience




Session 10


Panel Title: Culture and Community among Runaway Slaves in the Gulf South (1800-1860)

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Douglas Chambers, University of Southern Mississippi

·         Alice Ivas, University of Southern Mississippi, “Claims to Freedom: Runaway Slaves and Southern Indian Identity.”


·         Matthew Greer, University of Southern Mississippi, “Bundles, Passes, and Stolen Watches: Interpreting the Role of Material Culture in Escape.”


·         Eve Wade, University of Southern Mississippi, “Contested Space: Mississippi Slave Advertisements, Violence, and the Body.”


·         Matthew Germenis, University of Southern Mississippi, “Reading Runaway Slave Advertisements in Mississippi: Dominion and Violence.”

COMMENTATOR: Mary Niall Mitchell, University of New Orleans


2:30pm-3:45pm: Program Five


Session 11


Panel Title: McCrea 1971: The Story of Louisiana’s Forgotten Rock Festival (Film), by Nicholas Brilleaux and Scott Caro, Southeastern Louisiana University

Location: TBA

CHAIR: William Robison, Southeastern Louisiana University

COMMENTATOR: R.A. Lawson, Dean College


Session 12


Panel Title: Life in the Dream State: A Glimpse of Politics, Cultural Identity, Literature, Music, and Art in Louisiana  

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  Peter Petrakis, Southeastern Louisiana University

·         Wayne Parent, Louisiana State University, “Louisiana Politics: Populism, Reform and Disaster.”


·         Joyce Jackson, Louisiana State University, “The Louisiana Florida Parishes: Meanings and Impact of Physical Space on Identity.”


·         Karen Williams, Louisiana State University, “Literature in the Florida Parishes: Role of Landscape in Depicting People and Place.”


·         Richard Anthony Lewis, Louisiana State Museum, “Transcontinental Style: The Arts of Louisiana.”  







4:00pm-5:15pm: Program Six


Session 13


Panel Title: Imperialism and Governance in the Gulf South and Caribbean Basin

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR: John J. Clune, University of West Florida

·         Ryan P. Semmes, Mississippi State University, “The President’s ‘Aide-de-Camp:’ Orville E. Babcock and the Mission to Annex Santo Domingo.”


·         Michael Beauchamp, Texas A&M University at Qatar, “The Foreign French, Territorial Governance, and the Question of American Identity.”


·         Benjamin Williams, Texas A&M University—Commerce, “Blended Imperialism: Religious and Secular Authority in Spanish Texas.”

Session 14 


Panel Title: Air Power and Airports in the History of the Gulf South

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR: Connie Lester, University of Central Florida

·         Robert Kane, Air University at Maxwell AFB, “The Doolittle Raids at Eglin Field March 1942—Preparation for History.”


·         Andrew Huse, University of South Florida, Tampa Library Special Collections and Florida Studies Center, “Selling the Sizzle: Bartke’s Restaurant, Tampa Airport, and Florida in the 1950s.”


·         Teresa Thessen, Southeastern Louisiana University, “The ‘Very Last Word in Aerial Terminals’: The Creation of the Shushan Airport.”




6:30pm-7:00 pm: Cash Bar

7:00pm-8:30 pm: Dinner


Guest Speaker: TBD




8:30am-9:45am:  Program One


Session 15


Panel Title: Race, Politics, and Anti-Communism in the Gulf South  

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  Michael Thomason, University of South Alabama

·         Marc A. Petenaude, University of Regina in Canada, “The Dombrowski Gambit: Louisiana, Anti-Communism, and Race in the 1960s.”


·         Keith M. Finley, Southeastern Louisiana University, “Politics After Jim Crow: Louisiana’s 6th District Elects A Congressman, 1966.”


·         Janet Schriver, University of Phoenix, Jackson Campus, “Who’s Your Daddy? A Look at DNA Research and its Potential Effect on Southern Thought.”

Session 16


Panel Title: European Breakout Session: War, Leadership, and Nation Making

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR: Ronald Traylor, Southeastern Louisiana University

·          Derek S. Zumbro, University of West Florida, “The Airmen of Hurlburt Field and the Bombing of Nuremberg.”


·         Joshua Rogers, Southeastern Louisiana University, “A Look at Leadership: How American Military Leaders Planned and Executed Operation Dragoon, the Southern Invasion of France.”


·         Daniel E. Miller, University of West Florida, “What Northwest Florida Knew about the Creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918.”


10:00am-11:15am: Program Two


Session 17


Panel Title: Excavation and Preservation: Material Culture and the Built Environment in New Orleans, LA.  

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR:  James McSwain, Tuskegee University

·         Andrea White, University of New Orleans, “Buried History: The Archaeology and Materiality of New Orleans.”



·         John H. Lawrence, Director of Museum Programs, Historic New Orleans Collection, “A Building’s Story: The Historic New Orleans Collection’s Perrilliat House and its Setting.”


·         Daniel Hammer, the Historic New Orleans Collection, “The Historic New Orleans Collection: A Center for Preservation and Study.

Session 18


Panel Title: Agriculture, Industry, and Facades in the Gulf South  

Location: TBA

CHAIR:   James Cusick, University of Florida

·         Randall Dupont, University of Mobile, “Koasku Sawada’s Dream: An American and Camellia Industry Pioneer.”


·         Owen Hyman, University of Mississippi, “Rethinking Southern Economic Discontinuity through the Forest Industries of Louisiana and Mississippi.”


·         Cynthia Catellier, University of West Florida, “Pensacola’s Cast Iron Facades.”

COMMENTS: The Audience



11:30am-12:45pm: Program Three


Session 19


Panel Title: Architecture and Power in Texas

Location: TBA

CHAIR:  Carol Ellis, University of South Alabama

·         Jeffery Owens, Tyler Junior College, “Vanished Landmarks: The Country Courthouses of Antebellum Texas.”


·         Robert Butts, Tyler Junior College, “Edward M. House and the Texas Years.”

COMMENTS: The Audience



Session 20


Panel Title: Culture, Memory, and Seafaring  

Location: TBA

CHAIR/COMMENTATOR: Randall Broxton, Pensacola State College

·         George Khoury, Florida Institute of Technology, “New Orleans Voodoo—More than Zombies and Tourism.”


·         Dean DeBolt, University of West Florida Library, “Peeking Into the Past: Vignettes from an Archives.”


·         Stewart Hood, University of West Florida, “The S.S. San Pablo: A Brief Look at Global Interaction.”