Sport Coaching Education, B.S. - Program Requirements

Students who wish to coach and teach in a Mississippi public school must possess a Mississippi teaching license. Therefore, all SCE students must choose ONE of the following options:

1. Pursue a dual degree in K-12 Physical Education Licensure and Sport Coaching Education

The dual degree plan is highly recommended as it provides a teacher licensure program to students who
are interested in coaching in a K-12 school and teaching physical education.

Coursework includes physical education methodology, human performance classes, coaching methodology, and teacher education. Students in the major are subject to all teacher education requirements as set forth by USM and the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE).

Plan of Study Dual Degree

2. Alternate Route Certification

In preparation for alternate route certification, students must pass the PRAXIS I exam, “Pre-professional Skills Test” (reading, writing, and mathematics), and the PRAXIS II exam “Content Knowledge” in a particular specialty area.

Subsequently, aspiring teachers/coaches who do not participate in a traditional licensure program must complete one of the Alternative Route Program (ARP) licensure programs recognized by the state of Mississippi. The ARP program can be completed in as few as three weeks during the summer. Each ARP has the following components: testing, training program or coursework and a one-year teaching internship.

Students interested in alternate route certification should contact the MDE for current licensure requirements. Visit Educator Licensure-Alternate Route Programs on the MDE website for more information.

3. Declare and complete a second major in a teacher education program

*Please Note*

Students pursuing a degree in sport coaching education are required to declare a minor in a PRAXIS II content area. This minor will prepare the student for the subject matter exam for which he/she will sit. Once students obtain a teaching license (through any of these options) they are eligible to add supplemental endorsements in any subject area in which they have obtained 21 credit hours of course work. For example, students who complete the alternate route process, taking the PRAXIS II in Math and secure a teaching license could add on a supplemental endorsement in Physical Education because they have obtained 21 credit hours in HPR.

Last Updated: 27 May 2015