Faculty & Staff

Dr. Heather Annulis

Heather Annulis, Ph.D., CPLP, serves as Professor of Human Capital Development at The University of Southern Mississippi. Annulis directs the Human Capital Development Master of Science degree program and the Training and Development Certificate program. She holds a doctorate from Southern Miss in International Development with a concentration in workforce training and development and a Master’s degree in Communication from The University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Over the last 14 years, Heather has been instrumental, in generating over $5 million in external funding for Southern Miss.  Associated with this funding was research conducted through NASA to help develop a well-trained geospatial workforce.  Heather’s work has also been funded through the U.S. Department of Labor and the MS Department of Employment Security.  Heather's research interests include developing and implementing competency models, determining return of investment of performance improvement programs, and creating change readiness in organizations. She regularly speaks at regional, national and international conferences on these subjects.  Her research has been published in the International Journal of Workforce Development, Performance Improvement Journal, Change Management Journal, Conference Board, and Human Resource Development International.  Awards recognizing her professional efforts and research include: the Best Published Case Study Award, ROI Institute (2011); American Society for Training and Development Award of Meritorious Service (2010); Distinguished Professor of e-Learning (2008); Innovator in Workforce Development, Southern Growth Policies Board at the Governor’s Association (2006, 2002); and Mississippi Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 (2006). 

Heather Annulis, Ph.D.









 H. Quincy Brown, Ph.D.

H. Quincy Brown, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, holds a Doctor of Education from the University of West Florida, a Master of Arts from Webster University, and a Bachelor of Science from Southern Illinois University. Dr. Brown previously has served as an instructor and program manager at the University of West Florida and held instructor positions at Southern Illinois University. Prior to joining the Department of Human Capital Development, Dr. Brown served as the Director of Integrated Technology at a Pre-k through 8 school. Dr. Brown's research agenda is focused on research integrity, specifically in the social sciences.

Quincy Brown, Ed.D.




Dr. Cyndi Gaudet

Cyndi Gaudet, Ph.D., Chair and Professor, directs the Department of Human Capital Development at The University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast. As Director of the Jack and Patti Phillips Workplace Learning and Performance Institute (WLPI), Cyndi managed more than $5M in projects in the last decade integrating Phillips ROI Methodology as the accountability framework for each project. Her cutting-edge competency model research received awards from NASA, the Southern Growth Policies Board, and the American Society for Training and Development, New Orleans. One of the high-growth, high technology research initiatives under Dr. Gaudet's direction was identified as a top five finalist for the U.S. Department of Labor's 2005 Recognition of Excellence Award, Educating America's 21st Century Workforce. She has presented professional papers at over 100 regional, national, and international conferences, and her research has been published in journals such as the Performance Improvement Journal, HRD Quarterly, International Journal of Instructional Media, NABTE Review, URISA Journal, the Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, and the Performance Improvement Quarterly. As a scholar-practitioner, Cyndi is recognized as a regional and national expert in helping public and private sector organizations implement a systematic approach for developing human capital. Gaudet has more than ten years experience working with the Phillips ROI Methodology. She holds ROI Certification from the ROI Institute, a B.S. and M.Ed. from Southern Miss and a Ph.D. in Human Resource Education and Workforce Development from Louisiana State University. 

Cyndi Gaudet, Ph.D.









Dr. Dale Lunsford

Dale L. Lunsford, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, earned a Ph.D. and M.A. in Management Information Systems from Ohio State University, and a B.S.B. in Management Information Systems from Wright State University. As part of his graduate studies, Dr. Lunsford minored in Statistics and Cognitive Psychology. Dr. Lunsford has been on the faculty of The University of Southern Mississippi, the University of Alabama, and High Point University. Prior to his career in higher education, Dr. Lunsford worked for CMHC Systems, Inc., NCR, Inc., and LogTech, Inc. as a systems analyst, technical support specialist, and training system managers and developers; in addition, Dr. Lunsford worked as an independent contractor developing software and supporting users. Dr. Lunsford has conducted research in a variety of areas, including emerging technologies, ethics, Internet information sources, security, and privacy. Dr. Lunsford has published research in several journals, including the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, Journal of Information Systems Education, Forensic Examiner, CPA Journal, Journal of Information Systems, Review of Business Information Systems, Teaching Business Ethics, and Journal of Educational Technology Systems. 

Dale Lunsford, Ph.D.





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Deidra Minor serves as Director and Instructor of Applied Technology at The University of Southern Mississippi. She earned a master's degree from The University of Southern Mississippi in Workforce Training and Development. Previously, Deidra worked as a human resources professional in the employment services industry. She currently utilizes her abilities to develop individuals for leadership positions within organizations. 

Deidra Minor




Adjunct Faculty

Shannon Campbell

Shannon Campbell, Ph.D., is the Director of the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship at the University of Southern Mississippi.  She is responsible for all facets of economic development such as administering economic impact studies, assisting with technology transfer efforts, creating strategic partnerships, or connecting business and industry with expertise offered by the university.  Dr. Campbell holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Mississippi State University, a Master of Science degree in Workforce Development and a PhD in International Development from Southern Miss.  Her career has been enriched by receiving Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society’s 2013 Administrator Excellence Award and Mississippi Business Journal’s 2004 Top 40 under 40. 

Shannon Campbell, Ph.D.



john kmiecDr. Kmiec is an Instructional Systems Design Consultant in the Science Applications International Corporation’s Training and Simulation Service Line. He is also a Professor within the Department of Human Capital Development teaching Workforce Analytics. A 27-year Air Force veteran, he has over 20-years experience analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating learning and performance improvement programs for all kinds of organizations, including the military, shipbuilding, polymer manufacturing, geospatial, healthcare, electrical distribution, insurance, state, federal, and higher education. He has served as an Adjunct Instructor at the Jack and Patti Phillips Workplace Learning and Performance Institute at The University of Southern Mississippi (USM), where he taught the Workforce Analysis course in the Workforce Training and Development Master of Science Program. He currently facilitates the Program Evaluation segment of USM's Training and Development Certificate Program.  John's Ph.D. is in Human Capital Development and his M.S. is in Workforce Training and Development, both from The University of Southern Mississippi. He holds a B.S. in Human Resource Management from Faulkner University, and an A.S. in Instructor of Technology and Military Science from the Community College of the Air Force. John is also a Certified ROI Professional with the ROI Institute. Dr. Kmiec has received seven prestigious awards during his military and civilian careers, including the 1993 United States Air Force Chief of Staff Team Quality Award, and the 1995 Rochester Institute of Technology/USA-Today Quality Cup. He published and presented 17 academic and professional publications since 2008, including the ROI Institute’s 2011 Best Published Case Study Award for A Learning Intervention for Work Engagement: PolyWrighton, USA. John has also made professional and academic webinar, meeting and symposium presentations for the National Science Foundation, Conference Board, Training Magazine Network, The University of Southern Mississippi, and the Association for Talent Development.

John Kmiec, Jr., Ph.D.










Dr. Patti Phillips

Patti Phillips, Ph.D., President and CEO of the ROI Institute, Inc., serves as adjunct professor, and is an internationally recognized author, consultant, and researcher, and is the leading source of ROI evaluation education, research and networking. Dr. Phillips works with corporations, government and academia to broaden the application of ROI evaluation to programs directly influencing the economic growth of communities around the world including South Africa, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Turkey, France, Germany, and Canada as well as throughout the United States. Patti’s academic accomplishments include a Master of Arts Degree in Public and Private Management from Birmingham Southern and a Ph.D. in International Development from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Patti Phillips, Ph.D.




Dave Vance

Dave Vance, Ph.D., President of Manage Learning, LLC, consults with organizations on learning and performance issues with a particular focus on launching corporate universities and designing effective strategies for managing the learning function (i.e. alignment, governance, organization and measurement). Dave is a frequent speaker at learning conferences and association meetings. He also conducts workshops and simulations on managing the learning function. Dave is the former President of Caterpillar University, which he founded in 2001. Dave received his Bachelor of Science degree in political science from M.I.T. in 1974, a Master of Science degree in business administration from Indiana University (South Bend) in 1983, and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Notre Dame in 1988. Dave was named 2006 CLO of the Year by Chief Learning Officer magazine. He was also named 2004 Corporate University Leader of the Year by the International Quality and Productivity Center in its annual CUBIC (Corporate University Best in Class) Awards. Dave’s current research focuses on bringing economic and business rigor to the learning field as well as the development of computer-based simulations to help learning professionals increase their effectiveness and efficiency. His first book, The Business of Learning: How to Manage Corporate Training to Improve Your Bottom Line, was published in October 2010.

Dave Vance, Ph.D.






Guest Speakers

Dr. Jack PhillipsJack Phillips, Ph.D., is a world-renowned expert on measurement and evaluation and provides consulting services for Fortune 500 companies and workshops for major conference providers throughout the world. Phillips is the author or editor of more than 30 books and more than 100 articles. His global expertise is based on more than 27 years of corporate experience in five industries (aerospace, textiles, metals, construction materials, and banking) practiced in more than 30 countries. The American Society of Training and Development named Phillips, the recipient of the 2006 Award for Distinguished Contribution to Workplace Learning and Performance. Dr. Phillips has served as training and development manager at two Fortune 500 firms, senior HR officer at two firms, president of a regional federal savings bank, and management professor at a major state university. Phillips has undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, physics, and mathematics from Southern Polytechnic State University and Oglethorpe University, a master’s degree in decision sciences from Georgia State University, and a Ph.D. in human resource management from the University of Alabama.

Jack Phillips, Ph.D.




Dr. David Powe most recently served as the Chief Administrative Officer at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC).  The University of Mississippi Medical Center is the 2nd largest employer in MS with 9,200 employees.  UMMC is the only public Academic Health Science Center in MS and has a budget of $1.4B with an annual economic impact of $2.1B. In the capacity of Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), he was responsible for overall operations including Facilities/Transportation/Real Property, Police/Security/Logistical Services, Environmental Health and Safety, Business - Governmental - Community relations, Medical Center Master Plan, Emergency Preparedness, and Economic Impact/business development initiatives. Prior to assuming his role as UMMC CAO, Powe served as the Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs and was also responsible for Human Resources, Information Systems, Police and Security,  Logistics, Parking, Building Space Management, and Construction Program Management. He served on the following committees: Addie McBryde Governing Authority, Conflict of Interest Committee, Environmental Health and Safety Committee (chair), Institutional Compliance Committee(Chair), Lawson Oversight Steering Committee, Leadership Committee for SACS Reaffirmation, Medical Center Space Committee (chair), Medical Center Parking Committee(chair), LCME Accreditation Committee, Patent Committee, UMMC Master Plan and Implementation Steering Committee (chair), Business and Governmental Committee (Chair), UMMC Hospital Executive Board Advisory Committee, University Physicians Governing Board Advisory Committee, and Medical Center Multicultural Committee (co-chair). Dr. Powe received his doctorate in education administration from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1984, a master’s degree in social science in 1976 and a bachelor’s degree in social work and psychology in 1969 and a special certificate in corrections, all from Mississippi State University.

David Powe, Ed.D.


 Tracie N. King headshot

Tracie N. King serves as a Graduate Assistant for the Department of Human Capital Development. Tracie earned her undergraduate degree in Psycholgy and Studio Art from Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, PA. She later received a Master of Fine Arts in Computer Art with a concentration in Motion Graphics from the Savannah College of Art and Design as well as a Master of Education in Counselor education with a mental health emphsasis from the University of New Orleans. She is currently an assisstant professor at Delgado Community College in New Orleans, LA  in the computer information technology department. Her area of emphasis is digital media and design process. However, her continued interest in human development from both the educational and mental health lens is what led her to her current role as Ph.D. student in the Department of Human Capital Development. 

Tracie N. King