Application Requirements

A completed application must include each of the following items:

1. Graduate School Application, including a $60 application fee.  The application site can be found here.

2. GRE or GMAT scores. We require the official scores from Educational Testing Service (ETS). 

*Please note that this is a University requirement and cannot be waived. ETS purges scores after five years. 

3. Three Letters of Recommendation, at least two from professors who know your work and the final one from a professor or professional who knows you. The forms for this can be found online at the Graduate Admissions website listed below.

*Please note that two of these letters MUST come from someone holding a Ph.D.  While we understand that many students no longer have contact with faculty from their previous universities, we recommend that you contact your former department and request that someone there write a letter of recommendation on your behalf.  The IDV program will take this into account.

4. Current resume/Curriculum Vitae.

5. Research Statement of 1000-1500 words explaining your research interests and how your interests fit within the program's research teams and faculty.

*Please use this as a platform to explain your research interests.  Please explain how your particular interests can be broadened by admission into this program and additionally, what your research interests will bring ot the program itself.

6. Research Paper or professional writing sample.

*The IDV program prefers that all applicants submit a research paper, however in the event that you no longer have one, a professional writing sample will be accepted (this should be at least 15-20 pages in length).

7. Undergraduate Transcript(s).

8. Masters Transcript(s).

Please do not send any application materials to the IDV program.  All items must be submitted using the online application process or submitted to Graduate Admissions.  If you have any questions concerning the application portal, please contact Graduate Admissions at 1.601.266.4369.