Networking and Professional Opportunities

Dr. J.J. St. Marie delivers a lecture

The International Development Doctoral program draws its students from all walks of life, from former military officers to elementary school teachers; all IDV students share a desire to be life long learners and the intellectual curiosity to purse a doctoral degree. The typical IDV student—if any are “typical”—has a regular job, and family; they know that the best avenue for advancement in their current organization is through research-oriented education. For some the Ph.D. degree will enable them to upgrade their skill set with the analytical tools necessary to change career paths. Networking is a crucial aspect of the program and many students have made contacts within the program and at our various activities that have enabled them to further their career goals.


Some of our students have retired from the military and have since joined civilian agencies of the Federal government where their military knowledge and their IDV education has given them a powerful tool set to analyze and shape policy. Others in the private sector have used their new skill-set to advance up the corporate ladder. The focus in both the public and private sectors is on workers who have diverse and sophisticated skills who can adapt to changing situations. IDV graduates have with advanced research skills are able to meet today's rigorous challenges Uniquely, IDV has had and continues to have a few students who are retired or approaching retirement who enjoy learning and want to keep sharp and even use their years of accumulate knowledge in the non-profit sector. 


Along with unparalleled networking opportunities, research opportunities and a sophisticated skill-set the IDV Doctoral Program enrolls only the best making them better and enabling graduates to influence today's globalized world.


Dr. Joseph St. Marie
Director, IDV Program