In-Person Sessions

In-Person Session

The International Development Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program is delivered in a hybrid format that mixes face-to-face meetings and online sessions. These face-to-face meetings are known as "In-Persons" and occur three times a semester. 

The during the fall, In-Persons are held at the beginning,middle and end of the semester and are held at the Southern Miss Long Beach Campus, Long Beach, Mississippi.   During the spring, three In-Persons are held with the middle In-Person taking place at a national conference where students are provided with the opportunity to present their current research.  IDV students have most recently attended the International Studies Association Annual Meeting in February, 2015, New Orleans, LA (spring 2015). 

These sessions are a requirement for the program and cannot be waived.*

In-person sessions are critical components for the Ph.D. program in that students attend lectures for their classes, meet with professors one-on-one, learn valuable information about making progress though the Ph.D. program in workshops and generally build a solid working and social relationship with peer Ph.D. students in the program. These meetings add a large value to the program and are critical components that separate our Ph.D. program from those that are purely online only.

*Exceptions are only possible in the case of military deployment or extreme illness.



Please see the "Schedule Updates" link for additional information concerning upcoming in-person sessions.