About the KRC

The Katrina Research Center (KRC) serves as an interdisciplinary center and a public clearinghouse to facilitate the gathering of historical and current information and knowledge. Such knowledge includes the natural, physical, social, political, economic and spiritual aspects of recovery from Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

The Katrina Research Center includes these major components related to Hurricanes Katrina and Camille as well as other disasters: 

      > a repository/historical collection 
      > exhibit center 
      > digital information clearinghouse 
      > research and education concerning post-disaster recovery and 
         enhancement of quality of life 

The vision for the Katrina Research Center is to be a world-class interdisciplinary center that promotes and supports scholarship and education concerning the 2005 Hurricane Katrina and other disasters and contributes to the expansion and preservation of knowledge about Katrina, disasters and their aftermath.

To oversee the KRC Repository of historical and scholarship information and materials and to interface with the University's Gulf Coast Library concerning

(a) the development and usage of repository and special collection of artifacts, photographs, documents and other items relevant to the impact and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and other disasters,

(b) library resources regarding disaster-related mental health, economic recovery and disaster relief services and

(c) developing a comprehensive database of Katrina, post-Katrina and other disaster materials that are accessible locally and nationally.

To facilitate the development of disaster-related research and/or program evaluation studies and knowledge through collaboration with the offices of Research and Economic Development, Research Foundation, the various colleges and departments, and/or for the KRC to develop and submit proposals to various funding sources.

To develop, promote, implement and consult concerning cross-disciplinary educational, training and other learning opportunities to disseminate knowledge, assessment and actions about the human, social and economic impact of and recovery from disasters.

The library of the University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Coast provides critical support and leadership to the KRC depository, and collaborates with the KRC to promote community awareness and provide access to scholars and the general public.