Levant: A Visual Essay

A woman on the streets of Jerusalem, part of the Levant Visual EssayThe Katrina Research Center at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast has hosted the exhibit, “Levant: A Visual Essay,” by Lori K. Gordon. The exhibit features photographs and collages of modern life in Israel/Palestine.

Gordon, who visited Israel/Palestine in early 2012, spent time in Jerusalem’s Old City and the West Bank town of Hebron. With 30 art pieces on display, the exhibit includes street scenes captured by the artist during her travels of the old walled city.

Photographs feature pilgrims tracing the route of Jesus Christ along the Via Dolorosa, herb sellers near the Damascus Gate and citizens going about their everyday business. Gordon also captured the joyous occasion of a bar mitzvah at the Western Wall, as well as the tragic condition of life for disenfranchised Palestinians.

Gordon, a South Dakota native, has lived in coastal Mississippi for more than 20 years. She is best known for her art quilt, “Labat: A Creole Legacy” which was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution and her “Katrina Collection,” a 1,200-piece series that told the story of the nation’s worst natural disaster. Her work has been featured by national and European media. Collectors of Gordon’s work include two U.S. presidents, as well as universities and various organizations across the country.

For more information on The Labat Project, contact the Katrina Research Center at 228.214.3423 or email krc@usm.edu.