Staff Publications

Dr. Ray Scurfield, Professor Emeritus, The University of Southern Mississippi School of Social Work
Post-Katrina Aftermath and Helpful Interventions on the Mississippi Gulf Coast [PDF]
Post-Katrina Storm Disorder and Recovery in South Mississippi Over Two Years [DOC]
Warning Signs, Triggers and Survival Strategies That May Become Prolonged Following Disasters and War [DOC]
Post-Katrina Storm Disorder and Recovery in Mississippi More Than 2 Years Later [PDF]

Dr. Kevin Dillon, Assistant Director
Environmental Impacts
Dr. Jamie Aten, Assistant Director
Health & Mental Health
Alcohol Use and Meaning in Life Among Katrina Survivors [PDF]
Church Disaster Mental Health Project [PDF]
Effect of Hurricane Katrina on God Images [PDF]

Dr. Brian Richard, Assistant Director
Economic Development
Initial Estimate of the Impacts of Hurricane Katrina [DOC]

Dr. Teresa Welsh, Assistant Director
Information Clearinghouse & Repository
Welsh, Teresa S. and Susan E. Higgins, "Reflections on the Katrina Experience: LIS Students' Stories," Hawaii International Conference on Education Conference Proceedings, 1245-1258, 2008

Dr. Deanne Nuwer, Historian & Exhibit Coordinator
Dr. Curtis Austin, Oral Historian
Dr. Anne Marie Kinnell, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Challenges of Collecting Survey Data on the Mississippi Gulf Coast After Hurricane Katrina: An In-Depth Interview Study of Survey Team Members [PDF] Southern Sociological Society meetings in April 2006

Dr. Robin M. Overstreet
Effects of a Hurricane on Fish Parasites [PDF]