About the Language Arts Center

The Gulf Coast Language Arts Center is designed to support French and Spanish classes at the Gulf Park campus. The lab offers a comfortable environment, computers, resources and tutors to assure students have access to the resources they need to succeed in learning a new language and experiencing other cultures.

The Language Arts Center offers a variety of services and resources to support student learning:

  • Tutor on staff in the center:
  • Make an appointment or stop by the center
  • Computers available with appropriate software 
  • Comfortable media space for viewing foreign language content
  • Space set aside for practicing your skills
  • Books and other media


The United States continues to be at the forefront of globalization in an ever increasing multicultural world. It has become an essential part of a well prepared person to have a knowledge of other cultures, languages, literatures and media. Taking foreign language in high school and at the college level better prepares and advantages future careers and works towards a well rounded educated person.

Its been said that learning a different language is like opening a different vision of life. This different perspective offers new paths to understanding the world around us and also new paths to better understanding our own culture. 

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