Coastlines - Issue II, Spring 2013

Editors' Acknowledgements


Night Race (poem)
Spring Cleaning (poem)
Patricia Butkovich

The Spirit of Marielaveau(poem)
Big Lady of St. Charles Avenue
Kumquats in Winter
Elaine McDermott

The Helplessness of Man (poem)
Questioning Mind (poem)
Bruce W. Sullivan

Sounds of Drought Post Katrina (poem)
Carole Tucker

Knows All Tells All (story)
Bob Strother

Your Life is Not Over (story)
Janet Taylor-Perry

Rite of Passage (story)
Sam Irwin    

Mimi (poem)
Sam (story)
Benjamin Moore

The Darkness (story)
Heather Schmottlach

Requiem for Old Blue (story)
Charles McInnis    

Grandfathers in Arms (poem)
Brenda Finnegan

Thirsting (poem)
Joyce Elaine White

The Flood (poem)
Philip Levin    

Live Oak (poem)
Candace Howard    

A Nation's Strength (poem)
Ode to Stained Glass (poem)
Bridges (poem)
Judy Davies

The Funeral (story)
Jared Favre