Gulf Coast Media Studio

The Gulf Coast Media Studio is an advanced technology teaching center and an exciting new part of the Southern Miss Gulf Coast Learning Commons!

Here are a few things you can take advantage of here in the Gulf Coast Media Studio:
  • HD video and audio recording equipment
  • Easy internet access
  • Peer-to-peer presentation tutoring
  • Oral presentation assistance
  • Fast computing power
  • Projector ready PC's and laptops
  • High Definition webcams equipped with Google Video, Skype, and other webcam services
  • Engage in dual monitor productivity
  • Access to Adobe's Creative Cloud
  • SPSS, Arc GIS, High Performance Computing, & dynamic workflow now available
Here you can expand your technical knowledge, solve frustrating computer issues, and unlock your full potential by accessing the technology necessary to develop multimedia projects. Drop by the Southern Miss Learning Commons and visit your Gulf Coast Media Studio today!