Coastlines will be accepting and reading submissions for its 2015 annual until March 30. We are looking for serious, well-crafted poetry, short fiction and non-fiction essays on just about any topic and look forward to meeting both new writers and experienced ones who can provide such work.

We especially encourage all writing where the particulars of personal experience and place intersect with the great verities of nature, human history and time, where the local and the personal crash into the universal, however messily. Being who and where we are, the editors are particularly interested in the "ecologies" of coastal places: the tangle of social, spiritual, natural and emotional concerns that define who we are and where we live on the margin of sea and land. But, as was said, we are interested in serious writing on any topic, from any place and serious writer. 

Formal choices should reflect such seriousness, in both content and craft.

No sentimental poetry, greeting card-type rhymed verse, genre writing--mystery, romance, sci-fi or similar.

Poems should be under 100 lines, with 50 lines or less being preferred.

Short stories and essays of 3300 words or less are most likely to be published. Given our relatively limited resources, we can plan to publish only about 100 pages, so we’ll give preference to formally compressed, thematically dense works that accomplish a lot in a small compass. 

The 2015 Coastlines will be published and distributed early in the fall.

Contributors will receive one copy. Additional copies will be sold for $5.00 each with proceeds going to support the English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, at USM Gulf Coast. 

All submissions should be submitted as MSWord documents attached to an e-mail to Wil Watson, Editor: Please identify “Coastlines submission” in the subject line of each e-mail. Please be sure to identify yourself in a brief cover letter, so I can know to whom and where to send notices of publication, etc.

Please send your submission to for consideration.  We only accept electronic submission in .doc, .docx, .rtf format.