Southern Miss Gulf Coast’s Learning Commons helps students succeed by showing them how to improve study techniques, extend their classroom experiences, upgrade their proficiencies, and better prepare for exams. Located in the first floor of the library, the Learning Commons offers an integrated experience that inspires and encourages students to discover, create, and collaborate with peers. Here, library staff, trained student peer tutors and faculty offer tutoring and provide resources to help with mathematics, science, writing and speaking, and language arts to enhance the skills of successful students and to improve the skills of those working to be more successful academically.

Through peer tutors and professional support staff, The Learning Commons offers a broad range of services including:

  • Learning materials and electronic resources
  • Individual and small group tutoring
  • Whole class support
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Technology and multi-media support
  • Media labs for individual and group projects
  • Online and in person tutoring sessions

Other USM Tutoring Services

College of Business BASE program:


Department of History Online Tutoring: