Dale Lunsford, Ph.D.

Dale Lunsford, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Human Capital Development


Gulf Park Campus

WLPI 104

Phone:(228 )214-3429

Doctor of Philosophy
The Ohio State University
Major Field: Management Information Systems
Minor Fields: Cognitive Psychology and Statistics

Master of Arts, Management Information Systems
The Ohio State University

Bachelor of Science in Business, Management Information Systems
Wright State University
Summa Cum Laude

Teaching Interests

  • Survey Design (HCD 755)
  • Analysis, Interpretation, and Reporting Research Results (HCD 760)
  • Statistics in Human Capital Development (HCD 635)
  • Research in Workforce Training and Development (WTD 675)

Research Interests

Research and Quantitative Methods: 

  • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods in HRD Research
  • Factors Influencing Students’ Persistence and Performance.
  • Knowledge Management and Representation.

Training and Technologies:

  • eTextbook Adoption Preferences among College Students and Adult Learners.
  • Emerging-technologies Training and Education.


  • Privacy, Trust, Security, and Willingness to Adopt New Technologies.


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Curriculum Vitae