Geography - Emphasis in Geographic Information Technology (GIT)

Undergraduate Degree Program

Geography is the study of the earth and how things are related spatially. GHY GIT teaches students to manage large spatial datasets to answer complex questions about the planet. We use ESRI software to manage data and Remote Sensing to interpret imagery from space from photos to spectral bands to LiDAR. Maps are prevalent in the world we live and we will teach you how to make them and manage the data. We can use remote sensing to figure out plant assemblages, elevation changes, or land use changes from anywhere on earth. We expect students to have a good understanding of computers and will train the students in the software and computer languages needed to succeed.


The types of jobs students majoring in geography can expect to work towards are as follows:

City Planning
Asset Management
Wildlife Management
Data Development
Web-based Mapping

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Degree plan requirements and semester guides