Jennifer Walker, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Gulf Coast College of Science and Technology

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Gulf Park Campus

Science Building 209

Phone: 228.214.3332

Ph.D. Biological Science 2003 The University of Alabama

M.S. Marine Science 1998 The University of Alabama

B.S. Environmental Science 1995 Troy State University (now Troy University)

B.S. Marine Biology 1994 Troy State University (now Troy University)

Teaching Interests

Evolution (BSC 305)
Genetics (BSC 370)
Invertebrate Zoology I & Lab (BSC 408, BSC 408L)
Human Parasitology & Lab (BSC 410, BSC 410L)
Ecology & lab (BSC 440, BSC 440L)
Marine Biology & Lab - WI (BSC 445, BSC 445L)
Senior practicum (BSC 497)

Research Interests

I have an interest in studying freshwater, estuarine, and marine molluscs from an ecological, genetic and evolutionary context.


Chakrabarti R.; S.P. Shepardson; M. Karmakar; R.J. Trdan; J.M. Walker; R. Shandilya; D.T. Stewart; S. Vijayaraghavan; and W.R. Hoeh. 2009. Extra-mitochondrial localization and likely reproductive function of a female-transmitted cytochrome c oxidase subunit II protein. Development, Growth and Differentiation, 51(5): 511-519.

Chapman, E. G., O. Piontkivska, J. M. Walker, D. T. Stewart, J. P. Curole, W. R. Hoeh. 2008. Extreme primary and secondary protein structure variability in the chimeric male-transmitted cytochrome c oxidase subunit II protein in freshwater mussels: Evidence for an elevated amino acid substitution rate in the face of domain-specific purifying selection. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 8: 165, (16 pgs). This article is available from:

Chapman, E.G., M. E. Gordon, J. M. Walker, B. Lang, D.C. Campbell, G. T. Watters, J. P. Curole, O. Piontkivska, W. R. Hoeh. 2008. Evolutionary relationships of Popenaias popeii and the early evolution of Lampsiline Bivalves (Unionidae): Phylogenetic analyses of DNA and amino acid sequences from F and M mitochondrial genomes. Malacologia, 50(1-2): 303-318.

Chakrabarti R.; J.M. Walker; E.G. Chapman; S.P. Shepardson; R.J. Trdan; J.P. Curole; G.T. Watters;D.T. Stewart; S. Vijayaraghavan; and W.R. Hoeh. 2007. Reproductive function for a C-terminus extended, male-transmitted cytochrome c oxidase subunit II protein expressed in both spermatozoa and eggs. FEBS Letters, 581(27):5213-5219.

Walker, J.M., A.E. Bogan, E.A. Bonfiglio, D.C. Campbell, A.D. Christian, J.P. Curole, J.L. Harris, R.J. Wojtecki, and W.R. Hoeh. 2007. Primers for amplifying the hypervariable, male-transmitted COII-COI junction region in amblemine freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionoidea: Ambleminae). Molecular Ecology Notes. 7: 489-491. (first published online 29 November 2006)

Walker, J.M., J.P. Curole, D.E. Wade, E.G. Chapman, A.E. Bogan, G.T. Watters, and W.R. Hoeh. 2006. Taxonomic distribution and phylogenetic utility of gender-associated mitochondrial genomes in the Unionoida (Bivalvia). Malacologia, 48 (1-2):265-282.

Walker, J.M., A.E. Bogan, K. Garo, G.N. Soliman, and W R. Hoeh. 2006. Hermaphroditism in the Iridinidae (Bivalvia:Etherioidea). Journal of Molluscan Studies, 72(2):216-217.

Chakrabarti, R., J.M. Walker, D.T. Stewart, R.J. Trdan, S. Vijayaraghavan, J.P. Curole, W.R. Hoeh. 2006. Presence of a unique male-specific extension of C-terminus to the cytochrome c oxidase subunit II protein coded by the male-transmitted mitochondrial genome of Venustaconcha ellipsiformis (Bivalvia: Unionoidea). FEBS Letters, 580(3):862-866.

Curriculum Vitae