Marine Science

Undergraduate Degree Program

Marine Science is a multi-disciplinary program which integrates all of the natural (biology, chemistry, geology, physics) and computational (mathematics & computer science) sciences in the study of ocean dynamics. Students receive broad training in the marine sciences (oceanography), but can choose to specialize as biological, chemical, geological, or physical oceanographers.

The types of jobs students majoring in Marine Science can expect to work towards are as follows:

  • Scientific Research (Physical Science)
  • Technical
  • Environmental Research/Consulting
  • Advocacy

Also provides broad background in all natural and computational sciences, so it serves as an excellent pre-professional program for any technical science profession (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Engineering).

For more information regarding the marine science degree offered at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast, please contact:

2015-2016 Degree plan requirements and semester guides