Robert Turnbull, M.S.


Instructor of Biological Sciences

Gulf Park Campus

Science Building 309C

Phone: 228.214.3294

M.S. Auburn University, 1986

B.S. Auburn University, 1980

Teaching Interests

BSC 107/L (Human Biology)
BSC 110/L (Biology I)
BSC 111/L (Biology II)
BSC 201/L (Zoology)
BSC 250/L (Human Anatomy and Physiology I)
BSC 251/L (Human Anatomy and Physiology II)
BSC 340 (Introductory Ecology)
BSC 407/L (Vertebrate Biology)
BSC 455/L (Animal Behavior)

Research Interests

Predator-prey relationships
Alarm calls and bioacoustics


Alarm Calls of the Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis): Documentation of Content and Analysis of Function. Abstract published, Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science. Volume 57, July 1986

Curriculum Vitae