Meet Our Students

Jason Beaugez

 Jason Beaugez

“I chose Southern Miss Gulf Coast because it was close and I could be near my family. My interest in politics and history led me to choosing the history degree program. I like the program, the department and its faculty."

Michael Hammons

 Michael Hammons“Getting a business degree appealed to me because I’ve always enjoyed business and finance. I felt like a business degree would open the most doors for me.”

Hayley Kavanagh

 Hayley Kavanagh“I like how small the classes are. It’s like a community and we’ve become a family in my program. My advice for future students is to pick a degree program you’re going to love and not something you’re settling for.”

Natonya Murray

 Natonya Murray“I wanted a career change and the Southern Miss Gulf Park campus had the degree I was looking for. My courses are at night so that’s very convenient. As a working professional I am able to adjust my schedule and create a program that works for me.”

Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor“I chose Southern Miss Gulf Coast to pursue my master’s degree because the MBA program is very well respected and I can get a valuable degree here. It was also an easy choice because I live and work on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”

Stephanie Villanueva

 Stephanie Villanueva “I enjoy being a Southern Miss Gulf Coast student because the university allows you to have that connection with your faculty and classmates. You always know there is someone there to support you.”