About Student Life

students browse the campus student organization fair

The Division of Student Affairs offers a wide range of activities, services and opportunities to become engaged in student life that challenges students, develops habits of excellence and connects life outside the classroom to the formal academic curriculum.  Our mission is to facilitate student learning, enhance student success and teach responsible community membership.

Through programming and events for the entire student body, the Division of Student Affairs hopes to enrich the college experience for every Southern Miss student.  We host fun, cultural and entertaining activities as well as week-long University events for special occasions. 

The Division of Student Affairs provides:

  • Guidance in creating new student organizations
  • Opportunities for student involvement and leadership
  • Assistance in event planning and publicity
  • Consulting with financial and fundraising projects for student organizations
  • Assistance with the student organization registration process
  • Current contact information for all student organizations
  • Listing of campus activities for the semester

As you can see, student life on campus is multi-faceted and involves many departments, offices, student organizations and events.  Get involved on the Southern Miss Gulf Park campus!