Guide for Chartering Student Organization

Want to bring a new group to the Southern Miss Gulf Coast community?  Check out our current directory of Student Organizations to be sure that the need is not already being met by another group.  Find 7 other undergraduate or graduate part-time or full-time students with the same interest; draft a constitution; and retain a full-time advisor. 

Guide to Chartering New Student Organization

Below you will find the guidelines to charter a student organization:

  1. A group of seven (7) or more full-time or part-time students
    wishing to form an organization and seek official status from the university by obtaining a charter may do so, provided the following requirements are met:
    • The group does not duplicate an existing organization on the same campus/satellite institution/teaching site.
    • The purpose is to ensure continuity and stability of the organization. 
    • The group does not organize under the sponsorship of an existing organization.                                                
    • If non-students are affiliated with the organization in a capacity other than an advisory role, they may only be associate members.  Associate members may not hold office or vote.
    • If any person is paid for instruction through a student organization, a budget must be approved by a majority vote of the Gulf Coast Student Organizations Council; and, if needed, by the Recreational Sports Department for sports clubs.  Any payment for ongoing instruction must be provided through Recreational Sports or Continuing Education, whichever is appropriate.
  2. A formal constitution is submitted outlining the purpose of the group seeking the charter and framework of the organization.  A sample constitution for Student Organizations [PDF] will assist you with this process.

  3. The application for chartering a new student organization is completed and filed with the Coordinator of Student Development and Leadership in the Department of Student Services together with proper supporting documents.
  4. Complete Student Organization Registration Form
  5. Letter of support from advisor
    • Advisor must be full-time faculty or staff at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast
    • Letter of support from the department with which the proposed organization will affiliate (If department affiliation is not planned, a letter is not required.)
  6. The organizational president and adviser meet with the Student Organizations Council regarding the proposed organization.

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