The traditions and spirit shared by Southern Miss students, alumni, and supporters have created a demand for products that display the trademarks, symbols, and insignia associated with Southern Miss. Southern Miss protects and enhances its reputation by ensuring that only licensed and approved products displaying university trademarks appear before the public.

The Gulf Coast Office of University Communications manages the use of trademarks and the university name for the Coast operations.

-Be sure to schedule a meeting to discuss any creative project that will include the university name or image.

-University Communications will guide your unit in the proper usage of the university name and image.

-Only vendors licensed to do business with the university may be used to produce our products. To become a licensed vendor, visit the university's licensing web site for complete information.

-The University of Southern Mississippi is required by law to control the use of its trademarks.

-Any suspected misuse or unlicensed use of the university's name or trademarks should be reported immediately.
Graphic Standard Document [6.38 MB PDF]
Southern Miss Gulf Coast logoExecutive SealAttack Eagle
Southern Miss Gulf Coast specific logo Reserved for official documents and materials issued by the President's Office

 Reserved for student groups, unit name
must be included