White House Studies is a peer-reviewed journal of scholarship and commentary on the politics and history of the presidency and White House. The journal publishes articles, commentary, and book reviews on a wide array of topics relevant to the presidency and White House. In addition, WHS publishes a “features” section that includes profiles of present or former White House occupants, profiles of presidential sites (homes, libraries, monuments, etc.), and essays on historic presidential campaigns/elections.

White House Studies appears in both paper and, beginning in 2004, electronic version, and is abstracted or indexed in: Academic Abstracts; America: History and Life: Expanded Academic Abstracts; Historical Abstracts; International Political Science Abstracts; and Social Science Source. Additionally, the White House subscribes to WHS. A quarterly publication, issues are released in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of each year.

White House Studies is under the direction of an editor and associate editors. All manuscripts submitted to the journal are subject to a double-blind peer review. An editorial board, composed of public officials and leading scholars in such disciplines as political science, history, and communications, advises on all editorial policies and manuscript submissions. The journal also utilizes the services of an active file of volunteer manuscript reviewers, all of whom are experts on the presidency. White House Studies was founded at the University of Hawaii – Hilo in 2000 by Robert P. Watson. The Volume 1, Number 1 issue was released in 2001. WHS is published by Nova Publishers based in Hauppague, New York.

EDITORS: Tom Lansford and Jack Covarrubias, The University of Southern Mississippi. For more info please e-mail WhiteHouseStudies@usm.edu.
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