Course Offerings

Southern Miss Gulf Coast offers an undergraduate minor in Women and Gender Studies. Students gain a better understanding of how gender, race, class, multiculturalism, work cultures, feminism, and diversity affect everyday life. They gain knowledge and skills to make a positive difference in our world and to become more valuable to future employers. Students must complete 18 hours in the course and can begin the course after they have completed Women's Studies 301: Introduction to Women's Studies and five other courses from at least three disciplines. All classes can be taken on the Gulf Park campus.

Here is a list of courses recently offered that would contribute to a minor in Women and Gender Studies:

  • WS 301: Introduction to Women's Studies (offered at least once per academic year)
  • SOC 415: The Sociology of Gender
  • CMS 475: Gender Issues in Communication
  • HIS 477: Women in American Society