About the Center on Aging

The Center on Aging promotes understanding of, and response to, aging and aging-related issues. The Center conducts research and evaluation, training and education, disseminates information, provides program consultation, and makes policy recommendations. 

 Center on Aging


Scope and Function

The scope of the Center on Aging incorporates educational, research, programmatic and community networking activities and opportunities.  Projects vary, united by the common concern to improve knowledge and expand evidence-based practices related to human aging, broadly construed.



Current (2018) educational activities and opportunities include:

  • Field education/practicum/internship offerings for university students with interest in gerontology
  • Workshops/Continuing education related to healthy aging


Research and program areas of focus include:

  • Aging and poverty in Mississippi
  •  Intergenerational community building
  •  Healthy aging
  •  Aging and politics
  • “Aging-friendly” community assessment
  • Intergenerational caregiving


Community-oriented activities include:

  • Local (South Mississippi) aging services mapping
  • Local agency networking and collaboration
  •  Standing affiliation with the USM Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Co-sponsorship of aging related events, e.g. the Pinebelt Association’s annual “Grandparent University”
  • Organizational consultation



The Center on Aging receives no funding from the university.  It pursues external (grant and contract) support as appropriate, and is, moreover, associated with a USM Foundation account, making it eligible to accept tax-deductible gifts.  All gifts apply fully to Center programs, research, and community networking; no part of any donation funds salaries or wages of any university employee.






Michael Forster, PhD, LCSW, Professor of Social Work; michael.forster@usm.edu; 601-266-6754


Mailing Address:

Center on Aging

College of Education & Human Sciences

The University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Drive, #5040

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39406