About the College of Health

The College of Health at The University of Southern Mississippi offers a wide range of programs revolving around a central theme: the improvement of the health and well-being for individuals, families, organizations and communities. All programs in the College of Health provide direct application of a knowledge base to the problems of today’s society. Our faculty are oriented toward service and applied research so all programs focus on applying knowledge to the solution of everyday problems.

The College consists of the schools of social work and kinesiology, and the departments of medical technology, nutrition and food systems, public health and speech and hearing sciences. Traditional classes are offered on the Hattiesburg and Gulf Park campuses. Students may also enroll in on-line coursework and international studies.

Graduates of our programs are prepared to step into professional careers recognized for enhancing the quality of life, thanks in part to our excellent faculty, unique laboratory experiences and internships or other fieldwork.


The mission of the College of Health is to create, apply and transmit expert knowledge, within and across the domains of its constituent disciplines, for the well-being and betterment of individuals, community, state, nation and world.


The vision of the College of Health is advancing health and well-being through excellence and innovation in teaching, research and service.

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