Alumni Spotlight, March 2013, Simmons

Brittney Simmons

Brittany Simmons is a Registered Dietitian, having received a bachelor’s degree in 2009 along with a minor in Business Administration.

She is a Health and Wellness Specialist at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi and is working to help change the culture of health in the state of Mississippi by proactively working with business leaders to encourage, promote and facilitate worksite wellness initiatives. This includes working with individuals to help them understand how lifestyle choices affect their health. She takes a practical approach in teaching good health habits through onsite presentations, interactive cooking demonstrations, grocery store tours and one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle counseling. She is currently studying to achieve a certification as a Chronic Care Professional® to better target and counsel high-risk individuals. Brittany previously served as a clinical dietitian at Baptist Hospital in Jackson and the affiliated Hederman Cancer Center. She has also worked as a Nutritionist for the Department of Health’s Women, Infants, and Children division.

Brittany is active in her community and is passionate about improving the perception of nutrition and healthy eating in the state of Mississippi.