Alumni Spotlight, May 2012

Ms. Kristi Plotner

Ms. Kristi Plotner, LCSW, is a 1998 Master of Social Work graduate from Southern Miss.  She currently serves as the Director of Policy, Planning and Development for the Mississippi Division of Medicaid.  She implemented the Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC) program in 2008, and B2I to demonstrate an institutional level of care transitions for the mentally challenged. 

Work Accomplishments

  • Awarded Money Follows the Person Demonstration Grant.  That included: working with stakeholders, designing the program, submitting two grant applications.  Other activities include: staffing the program, selecting and enrolling providers, developing detail design document for claims payment, providing training and technical assistance for providers and managing a $42.4M budget
  • Reformatted Medicaid Provider Policy Manual into Administrative Code for successful acceptance by the Secretary of State
  • Designed, developed and implemented Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC), a 1915(c) waiver demonstration.  That included: working with state partners for buy-in, obtaining statutory authority through the legislative process, designing the program, submitting the grant application, staffing the program, writing and submitting a 1915(c) waiver application for approval from CMS, writing a Request for Proposals to select providers, selecting and enrolling providers, developing detail design document for claims payment, providing training and technical assistance for providers
  • Developed Medicaid policies for all mental health services covered by Medicaid from December 1997 to present
  • Developed and implemented objective on-site compliance review process for psychiatric residential treatment facilities which led to a marked decrease in the use of seclusion and/or restraint
  • Expanded community based mental health services provided by Medicaid in the Community Mental Health Center and Expanded Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment programs which led to greater access to community based services for individuals
  • One of four states to receive national recognition for the facilitation of a series of statewide public meetings and development and publication of a comprehensive long range plan, Mississippi Access to Care, for the provision of long term care in Mississippi in response to the Olmstead Supreme Court Decision
  • Provided clinical assessments and provided information regarding treatment options to individuals seeking inpatient psychiatric and/or substance abuse treatment
  • Provided intensive therapeutic services to children in one of the first school-based day treatment programs in the State with encouraging short-term and long-term outcomes

Work Experience

Division of Medicaid, Office of the Governor                               

Office Director, Policy, Planning & Development  |  May 2011- present

Bureau Director, Mental Health Programs  |  February 2007- April 2011

Division Director, Mental Health Services  |  July 2000 – February 2007

Operations Management Analyst, Principal  |  September 1998 - July 2000

Medicaid Program Administrator  |  December 1997 - September 1998