Center for Sustainable Health Outreach

“If the problems are in the community,
the solutions are in the community.”


Our mission at the Center for Sustainable Health Outreach (CSHO) is to help support the role of community health workers as an essential component of sustainable community wellness. We envision community health workers who are valued as essential, integral, powerful promoters of health, disease prevention, and wellness in their communities.


Families at the greatest health risk are often those who are least likely to be appropriately served by the health care system. Because of language barriers, financial barriers, cultural beliefs, or mistrust of the system, many people do not receive health care and preventive services.

CSHO believes community health workers (CHW) are an important answer to this problem.

CSHO knows CHWs are an effective and efficient means of improving community health by linking communities and health care systems.

CSHO provides support and technical assistance to CHWs and programs in the following areas:

  • Program development and support
  • Program funding and sustainability strategies
  • Public policy development
  • Strategic planning assistance
  • Program evaluation
  • Education and training

CSHO also assists CHWs and CHW programs by facilitating partnerships with funders, policy makers, health systems, and community organizations. The Center serves as a national point of contact for CHWs and CHW programs and provides them with reliable, up-to-date information on emerging trends in the field.

Training & Education 

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Click here to meet the Director, Dr. Susan L. Mayfield-Johnson

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Last Updated: 12 June 2014