CSHO Training & Education

Unity 2017 Conference

Unity is CSHO’s annual national conference for and about community health workers. Join us to learn about the latest issues impacting community health workers and to network with community health workers and community health worker program administrators from across the United States.

This conference is designed for:

  • Community Health Advisors/community health workers
  • Those interested in implementing Community Health Advisor or other community health worker programs
  • Those already working with Community Health Advisor or other community  health worker programs
  • Health care providers, elected officials, and policy makers

The dates and location for Unity conferences along with other important information are all available here.  

Unity 2016 Conference 

Information for last year's conference is available here.


The Community Health Advisor Network (CHAN) Training Workshop I is held each year in Hattiesburg, Miss. The Community Health Advisor Program is based on a proven, community-driven health promotion model that identifies and trains natural helpers who then seek to improve the health and nutrition status of individuals and the community at large. CHAN provides a network of ongoing information, training, and technical assistance to implementing organizations.

CHAN Workshop I focuses on community entry and program start-up. Trainers will demonstrate methods used to determine which communities have the greatest potential for success with the program. Additionally, the role and selection of a community facilitator will be defined. Techniques to identify and recruit Community Health Advisors (CHAs) and steering committee members will also be explained in detail.


Workshop II deals with the actual Community Health Advisor training, the monitoring and evaluation process, and support and linkage of CHAs.

For dates and more information, contact Dr. Susan Mayfield-Johnson at 601.266.6266 or Susan.Johnson@usm.edu