Rebecca Bishop

My name is Rebecca Bishop.  I am a senior Nutrition and Dietetics major from Pascagoula, MS.  I am pursuing this degree in order to work in a food system in which I am able to create and explore organic and natural foods, ingredients, and/or products.  I feel that organic or natural foods should not be considered the "expensive stuff" but rather the stuff we should all eat.  I also want to encourage communities to participate in personal, school and community gardens because I believe it is important to appreciate and support locally grown foods and products.  I love the idea of creating a personal food system - that way we know everything that goes into our food.

I am not only involved in the College of Health Ambassadors but I am also the Vice President of the Student Dietetic Association, President/club-founder of the Southern Miss Sustainability Advocates, I teach Zumba at the Payne center and participate in Hattiesburg's community garden project.