About Us



What we do: (see our brochure English or Spanish)

Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project is a federally funded project to provide technical assistance to individuals between the ages of birth and 21 years. Whether it is in the home, school, or agency setting, our staff can provide assistance and training to help make a better quality of life.

The Mississippi Deaf-Blind Project changed its name to Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project in the 2013-2018 grant application in order to be more inclusive and demonstrative of our commitment of being a resource to the community of those learners having both hearing and vision challenges.  While there are numerous words used to describe this low incidence population, in the previous funded years we found many families were uncomfortable with the term "deaf-blind," thus preventing our involvement.  By focusing on the hearing-vision challenges, we hope to provide the much needed specialized supports to even more school districts and families of students regardless of varying degrees and severity of this combined sensory involvement.

Our Mission:

The overall mission of the Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project is to provide technical assistance to families and services providers of children/young adults with hearing-vision challenges, also referred to as deaf-blindness.

We believe that: 

  • activities should be as family-centered as possible
  • technical assistance activities should be individualized for each child or young adult with hearing-vision loss
  • technical assistance provisions should have specific outcomes that are clear to both families and services providers
  • team approaches should be used to develop curriculum and adaptations for both educational transitional services
  • activities conducted and products disseminated should be user-friendly and focused on the needs of families and service providers

Project Staff:

Toni Hollingsworth, Project Director

Kasey Keith, Project Coordinator