Mississippi Hearing-Vision Registry

The project maintains a federal registry of children in the state of Mississippi who have both a vision and hearing loss.  Children must be placed on the registry to qualify for the technical assistance and training services.  There is no cost for the services.

Resource Library

The project has a resource library with materials on a range of topics that are available to families, services providers, and the community.

Technical Assistance (TA) and Training

Project staff provide 3 different levels of technical assistance and training based on individual needs and requests from families and service providers. These three types are:

 A. Intense TA: Ongoing relationship with individualized team through agreed upon activities towards pre-determined outcomes either child/team or systemic based.

 B. Targeted TA: Short term relationship with TA designed to meet the shared needs of multiple recipients that is delivered through a one-time labor intensive engagement or over time with periodic engagements. Examples include hosting trainings or other events, participation in offered “Hosted Modules” without an agreement to work on child-focused outcomes, or facilitating system change teams.

C. Universal TA: Recipient initiated TA with the least engagement with Project staff. Examples are webpage information, brochures, newsletters, Fact Sheets, etc.


 If you would like to request any type of TA, please email or call us: 800-264-5135 and a Project Staff will be in touch with you.