Deejay Rolison

From playing the flute, to singing in front of crowds, to being the future husband of Avril Lavigne, this kid has music in his soul. When asked about this future aspiration, DeeJay replied, “We’re in love, she just doesn’t know it yet.” DeeJay is 16 years old and lives in Conehatta, MS. He is going into his junior year next year. DeeJay keeps up several illustrious extracurriculars such as being first chair flute in his school band, participating in his school and church choir (he sings bass), and being a member of the Model U.N., Beta Club, and his school annual staff. After high school, DeeJay will be attending East Central Community College in Decatur, MS to complete his basic studies. He is undecided on where he wants to go for his degree, but has decided on a major of Journalism, with a minor in Music Education. In his spare time, DeeJay has many hobbies. He enjoys reading, listening to his I pod, and walking… while listening to his I pod. Music is a big part of his life, from band; to his I pod (which he considers his baby), to his career interests. DeeJay is a Junior Reporter for the Newton County Appeal newspaper, but his long-term goals include being a music reviewer and marrying Avril Lavigne. When asked about this last goal, DeeJay replied, “We’re in love, she just doesn’t know it yet.”