Yolanda Cruz

A 2011 graduate of Biloxi High School, Yolanda Cruz has a passion for journalism. In the fall, she will attend the University of Southern Mississippi where she will be a member of the Honors College and major in journalism. Through her future career as a writer, Cruz hopes to expand America’s view of the news to a more global scale. While in high school, she participated in a variety of activities including Mu Alpha Theta, Math and Science Society, and Jr. Civitan, a service learning organization. Her main interest has been in Biloxi High’s theatre program. Cruz  has performed in over seven plays including Broken Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, and Beware the Jabberwock. If she could trade places with anyone in the world for one hour, Cruz would choose Lady Gaga so she “could try on her clothes.”


By Helen Kyriakoudes