Alejandro Gomez-del-Moral

Assistant Professor

Alejandro (Alex) Gomez-del-Moral has been a member of the history faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi since the fall of 2014. Born in Barcelona, Dr. Gomez-del-Moral earned a PhD in history from Rutgers University, specializing in the history of modern Europe and especially of his native Spain, after receiving his BA from Amherst College in Massachusetts and an MA from the University of Georgia. Gomez-del-Moral has taught survey courses on Western Civilization as well as World and Latin American history, and has offered specialized courses on subjects including the history of modern Spain, the history of mass consumption, and postwar Europe. At USM, he teaches in European, World, and Latin American history.

Dr. Gomez-del-Moral’s current book project, titled “Buying into Change: Mass Consumption, Dictatorship, and Democracy in Franco’s Spain, 1939-1982”, examines the development of a mass consumer society in Spain during the dictatorship of Generalissimo Francisco Franco (1939-1975). In this manuscript, he traces how new, modern department stores, supermarkets, consumer magazines, and advertising inserted Spain into transnational networks for the exchange of consumer practices, commercial methods, and with them subversive sociopolitical ideas, which drove the nation’s democratization from the 1950s through the early 1980s. At the same time, his work reveals the politically ambiguous character of mass consumption in mid-century Spain, showing how the Franco regime and its supporters at times successfully coopted the nation’s new mass consumer culture for their own ends. Dr. Gomez-del-Moral has also published on this subject in Enterprise & Society: The International Journal of Business History in the forthcoming edited volume The Global 1960s: Convention, contest, countercultures, to be published by Routledge in June 2017. This research has been recognized by the Program for Cultural Cooperation Between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States Universities as well as the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports’ Hispanex Research Grant program.

Gomez-del-Moral’s future research interests include the commercialization of global association football (soccer) as centered around the multi-billion-dollar football merchandise industry, as well as topics in the recent history of Spain’s international gastronomic brand identity, including the modern social and cultural history Spanish ham industry, which has positioned itself as a lynchpin of Spain’s global identity in the world of food, as well as the multi-cultural space occupied by the Goya Foods Corporation, which was founded by Spanish immigrants to New York City and markets Latin American as well as Iberian products mainly in North America.

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