Courtney Luckhardt

Assistant Professor

Courtney Luckhardt joined the Southern Miss history department in the fall of 2014.  Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she received her BA in history from UCLA, and her Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from the University of Notre Dame in 2011.  She came south for the first time at that point, teaching for three years at the University of Memphis.

Her research focuses on the religious and cultural history of the early Middle Ages (ca. 400 – 1000 AD).  She is at work on her first book, Connecting Saints: Travel and Hagiography in northwestern Europe, 500-950, which explores how and why connection, communication, exchange, and travel were such integral parts of early medieval saints’ lives in northern Europe and how this kind of religious travel fits into the larger picture of early medieval travel, which has largely focused on secular political and commercial exchange. 

Dr. Luckhardt teaches courses on all aspects of the Middle Ages, including courses on the Vikings, medieval travel, Mediterranean history, the early and high medieval survey courses, as well as the first half of the World Civilization survey.  She also has extensive experience teaching online at all levels, and has published an article, “Teaching Historical Literacy and Making World History Relevant in the Online Discussion Board,” in the journal The History Teacher.