Deanne Nuwer

Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Arts and Letters (Gulf Coast)

Dr. Nuwer, a specialist in pedagogical methods, trains history majors seeking state licensure to teach social studies. She has presented papers at a variety of conferences and had articles published in the Gulf Coast Historical Review and in Southeastern Political Review. Prior to joining the faculty at U.S.M., Dr. Nuwer taught public school; she was presented the Mississippi Humanities Teacher Award in 1998. 

Professor Nuwer continues to work on completing her monograph on Mississippi’s yellow fever epidemic of 1878. She also has forthcoming essays in three books: Resorting to Casinos: How the Mississippi Casino/Resort Industry Was MadeThe Uniting States: The Story of Statehood for the Fifty United States, and Race and Ethnicity in Maritime America, Biloxi: The Third Coast. Dr. Nuwer also continues to teach the social studies method course required of all students in the History (Social Studies Licensure) program.