Mary Beth Farrell

Instructor Emeritus of History

Ms. Farrell taught courses in World Civilization and supervised student teachers seeking licensure to teach social studies from 1988 to her retirement in 2016.. She taught HIS 110/111 Enrichment for Licensure Students; HIS 487 Current Issues in Social Studies Education, and the capstone student-teaching experience for all licensure students: HIS 490/491.  Ms. Farrell frequently consulted with textbook publishers and authored Discovering Mississippi: A Teacher's Guide and Resource Book (1994, 1999). 

Farrell wrote the proposal that resulted in the three-year, $850,000 U.S. Department of Education grant the department received in September 2002, and working with the American Institute for History Education and National Council for the Social Studies, she has presented seminars and led teacher study trips in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Idaho, Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Oklahoma.  Farrell also made sure that the department passed its 2016 NCATE accreditation process with flying colors..