Pamela Tyler

Associate Professor

Pamela Tyler came to the University of Southern Mississippi from North Carolina State University in fall 2006. She teaches courses on the history of women in the United States, the American South from 1865 to the present, and mid-20th century U.S. history (1919-1945). Dr. Tyler is the author of Silk Stockings and Ballot Boxes: Women and Politics in New Orleans 1920-1963, which was awarded the L. Kemper Williams Prize for best book in Louisiana history in 1997. She has published journal articles and book chapters, focusing, among other topics, on rural women during the Great Depression, on Eleanor Roosevelt and the South, and on the reponses of New Orleans women after Hurricane Katrina. Her current projects include editing the diaries of a pair of New Orleans women, a mother and her daughter (1905-1935), and preparing a textbook on the history of southern women since 1865.

Curriculum Vitae