Elena Lofton

Majors: Foreign Languages (Spanish) and Biological Sciences 

Class: Junior

Hometown: Mount Vernon, AL

Activities: Freshman Associates, SGA Election Commission, Student Eagle Club, Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, Eagle Connection member, Executive Director of Student Initiatives for SGA

About me: I can't express how much I have enjoyed my time in the Honors College. In the past year, I was challenged as a student, and I met so many great students and outstanding professors.

I wanted to become an Honors Ambassador to encourage prospective students to take part in such a great learning community. The Honors College at USM is unlike any other. When you become a part of the Honors College you join a family that is dedicated to making you become a better person. Each student is provided with countless opportunities and his or her college experience is enhanced greatly. I also wanted to be able to help freshman make the transition from high school to college by offering support and advice.

One amazing feature of the Honors College is the active learning trips. My first semester at USM, I was able to go to Chicago with my Theater Appreciation class. I was able to not only see two great plays, but I also had time to explore the city. Our class was able to bond during the trip, and I was really able to see what everyone meant by the Honors College being a family. The trip was great because we were able to get out of the classroom and really experience all that we had been learning about.

I encourage any student who has a chance to take a class with Professor Jason Dawsey. His History 101 class has been my favorite by far. I never liked history in high school, and he made me eager to go to class. He helped our class make connections with the texts, and I have never learned so much in one semester.

The Honors College has truly enhanced my college experience. As a community, we live together, study together and grow together. I encourage new students to take advantage of all the opportunities to get to know their professors and their classmates.

After leaving Southern Miss, I hope to go to medical school and become a pediatrician.