Honors College Staff

Office of the Dean


Ellen Weinauer

Ellen Weinauer, Ph.D.

mailto:Ellen.Weinauer@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4533  Location: Honor House, Room 104

Jessica Francis, B.A.
Office Manager

mailto:Jessica.Francis@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4533  Location: Honor House, Room 102

Andrew Haley, Ph.D.
Director of University Forum

mailto:Andrew.Haley@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4090  Liberal Arts Building, Room 451

Robyn Curtis, M.A.
Director of Nationally Competitive Awards

mailto:Robyn.Curtis@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4533  Location: Honor House, Room 207  Schedule an Advisement Appointment

Stacey Ready, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Foundations/Assistant to the Dean

mailto:Stacey.Ready@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4533  Location: Honor House, Room 205  Schedule an Advisement Appointment

Kaycee McMullan, B.S.B.A.
Assistant to the Dean for Academic Services

mailto:Kaycee.McMullan@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4533  Location: Honor House, Room 204  Schedule an Advisement Appointment

Paula Mathis, M.Ed.
Coordinator of Keystone/Assistant to the Dean

mailto:Paula.Mathis@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4533  Location: Honor House, Room 201A  Schedule an Advisement Appointment

Lee Follett, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Keystone, Gulf Park

mailto:Westley.Follett@usm.edu  tel:228-214-3360  Location: Elizabeth Hall, Room 319


Lesley Brumfield, M.S.
Assistant to the Dean for Recruitment and Strategic Communication

mailto: Lesley.Brumfield@usm.edu  tel:601-266-4533  Location: Honor House, Room 203




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