Honors College Workshop on Thesis Advising

Amy Chasteen Miller 2/28/08 

Tips for working with students:

  • Read through a few good theses in your field and share these with students
  • Have some examples of a solid prospectus to share
  • Familiarize yourself with Honors College due dates so that you can remind students as needed
  • Expect students to be freaked out, self-doubting, and unaware of basic protocol and even professional etiquette (I mean that in the nicest way possible).
  • If you have more than one student, group them together and work with them as a pair/team
  • Break the process into small tasks for students and give them deadlines for each
  • Comment on everything and keep copies for yourself
  • If students ignore deadlines or fail to do their work, talk to them and if needed, Paula Mathis


Honors College Workshop on Thesis Advising

Amy Chasteen Miller 2/28/08 

Example Timeline for Thesis Process (deadlines updated)

February: Meeting with advisees

4/15: Full draft of the prospectus due

4/22: Prospectus returned with comments

5/1: Prospectus submitted to the Honors College

September: Students apply for Institutional Review Board approval for research with Human Subjects (draft application due to me 9/7, returned a week later, then submitted)

10/1: Work on revising and expanding literature review and tweaking methods sections

10/15: Thesis draft due; returned 10/22 with comments for draft revision

11/1: Progress Report/Thesis Draft to HC

November-December: Collect data and begin analysis

1/6: Submit revised literature review and research methods sections of thesis; returned mid-January with comments

January: Work on data analysis

February: Write up findings section and analysis

3/1: Submit draft of findings and analysis sections (and new lit review if needed); returned a week later

3/15: Complete draft of thesis due; returned 3/22 with comments for final revision

4/1: Comprehensive exam

4/1: "Final" thesis due to advisor; Progress Report/Thesis Draft to HC 

4/15: Thesis submitted to HC