Scholarships/Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards

Students Walking Across Campus

Students with a composite 30 ACT or higher (or SAT equivalent) who have been offered admission to the Honors College will be placed into competition for the Honors College Discovery Scholarship and the Honors College Presidential Scholarship. These achievement awards are intended for students who not only have an impressive academic record but who also represent the ideals that the Honors College embraces: intellectual curiosity, creativity, engagement, openness to new ideas, passion for learning, and drive. Please note that these scholarships are awarded through a competitive process and are not automatically given to students who meet the minimum consideration requirements.

All students who have been admitted to the Honors College and who meet criteria eligibility will be placed into competition for these awards; no additional materials are required.  Please note that although these are not need based awards, all recipients are required to submit a current year FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

 The deadline to complete the Honors College application is January 5.  


Honors College Discovery Scholarship

A select group of students participating in the competition will be awarded the Discovery Scholarship,
which consists of the following:

  • Full tuition for four years
  • The cost of campus housing for the fall and spring semesters of freshman year
  • A one-time $5,000 scholarship toward the USM study-abroad program of the recipient’s choice, to be used beginning in the sophomore year
  • A one-time $1,750 research grant designed to support Honors College thesis research, to be used once a student advances to the research portion of the curriculum


Honors College Presidential Scholarship

A select group of students participating in the competition will be awarded the Presidential Scholarship, 
which consists of the following:

Scholarship equivalent to the cost of:

  • Tuition, campus housing and a meal plan for four years
  • Semester book stipend

Please note that recipients must live on campus during their freshman and sophomore years, and recipients who choose to move off campus during their junior and senior years will retain only the tuition and book stipends.