Shelley Dent

Major: Healthcare Marketing

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Florence, MS

Activities and Honors: Intramural Ultimate, Dean's List, Richard C. Vreeland Marketing Scholar

About me: I was so excited to become an Honors Ambassador so that I could share my love for the Honors College. My experience in HoCo has been amazing, and I want to help future students to find a home here.  HoCo provides so many opportunities to students and creates a community that is like no other.  Although it is hard to choose my favorite parts about HoCo, my top two are the staff and the classes. Everyone involved in HoCo wants to see students succeed. They truly make an effort to get to know the students and help them in any way they can. The classes are so unique and interesting. Having very small class sizes allows you to get to know students who you can actually connect with as well as the awesome professors. I have found many friends through my Honors classes and had such amazing opportunities. I love having the option to take active learning classes. I cannot stress how spectacular these classes are. Travelling all over the country is not something that I would have expected to be able to do in a college class, but with HoCo, I can, and the trips are so fun. Being in Honors College is such an unbeatable experience. 

After I graduate, I plan to jump straight into work as a pharmaceutical representative. I know that my experiences and classes at Southern Miss, and of course in HoCo, will prepare me for "the real world" better than other colleges.