Arik Shams

Major:  Biochemistry

Class: Junior

Hometown:  Hattiesburg, MS

Honors and Activities:  Presidential Scholar, Outstanding Freshman 2011, Alpha Epsilon Delta, American Medical School Student Association, Lambda Sigma Honor Society, CoST Ambassador, Amnesty International, Student Printz, , travelling, reading, spending significant amounts of time on the Internet.

About me:  I wanted to become an Ambassador to promote and support the Honors College. It is my way of giving back to them for all that they did and continue to do for me. I wanted other students who are going to be in the same place I was at one point to be aware of how much the Honors College cares for its students. Besides their generous support in my studies and career plans, it gives me a sense of belonging among like-minded peers who all want to excel.

I have to mention two things: first of all is the amazing staff, whose presence I’ve always counted on for advice. Secondly, the sense of community that pervades throughout campus, between upper- and lower-classmen, and even among the faculty.

I see myself going to medical school once I attain my undergraduate degree. I know for a fact that I can rely on the Honors College for help with my classes, application, references and scholarships.

The Honors College is the sole reason I decided to come to USM. They have been extremely supportive of me throughout my first year as a college student. Plus, they throw the best parties with alliterative titles. In my opinion, the Honors College is the best part of Southern Miss.