Emilee Randall

Major: Instrumental Music Education

Class: Sophomore

Hometown: Vancleave, MS

Activities and Honors: USM Wind Ensemble, USM Symphonic Winds, USM Clarinet Choir, Pride of Mississippi Marching Band, Southern Christian Student Center, Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

About me: I wanted to become an Ambassador because I wanted to make a difference in the Honors College. I didn't want to be a passive member that sat by and watched other people take action. I wanted to be the one helping out at the events, at the forefront and behind the scenes. The ambassador program is a great leadership opportunity.

After I finish student teaching and graduate, I plan to go to graduate school and receive my master's degree in music education. Eventually I want to pursue a doctoral degree. It all depends on God's plan for my life and what job and/or scholarship opportunities are available upon my graduation.

My advice to prospective students is simple. If you have questions, ask! There are so many friendly faculty, staff and students on USM's campus just waiting to help you out. Don't stay confused about financial aid, study abroad or the location of your next class just because you're too embarrassed to ask or because you just don't know who to ask. Even if the person you ask doesn't know the answer, they'll point you in the right direction! Also, don't procrastinate. That is a huge obstacle that I had to overcome my freshman year. I still haven't fully conquered it, but I've learned a lot in the process. Complete assignments as soon as you have time to do so, not at the last minute. Your stress will only increase the longer you put it off. Lastly, have fun and don't forget, "Southern Miss, To The Top!"