Ginny Kramer

Majors: Mathematics and Finance

Class: Junior

Hometown: Quitman, MS

Activities and Honors: Presidential Scholar; Kappa Delta Sorority; College Republicans

About me:  I became an Honors Ambassador so I can share my passion for the Honors College to those who can't necessarily see what all my classmates and I have experienced. I also want to help incoming freshman feel comfortable and find a home in the Honors College and at USM. The Honors College benefits me in many ways. The close relationships with the faculty and staff open many doors for me, academically and socially. The rigor of the coursework forces me to dive into the subject rather than skimming the material to prepare for a test. Most importantly, the Honors College has provided guidance for me. I don't feel lost in a huge university; I feel cared for and watched over so that I can always have someone to go to if I need help. My favorite thing about HOCO is the amount of opportunities that are brought to you. 

I plan on attending graduate school with an emphasis in economics. Upon graduation, I hope to assist in research pertaining to math based economic projections for government or stock market research. Without my Honor's economics class taught by Dr. Edward Sayre, I would have never realized my interest in the subject or the relation between math and economics.